Gym Members

The ATF Rewards program is free for members.
If your club is not participating in the program it will not be listed. We encourage you to contact your club to express your interest in using the program.
Your points will accrue ONLY in your participating home club. While it is possible to have multiple club records, you can only accrue points at your home club. If your membership transfers to another club because you use that club more frequently than your original home club, you will then be eligible, from the date of transfer, to accrue visit points in your new home club, if that club is also participating in ATF Rewards!

The Program

Checking points is easy. Simply log in via the homepage – enter your name, FOB number and home club name. Check regularly because new offers will become available every month.
You can find your FOB number at the back of your FOB access key.
Checking points is easy. Go to atfrewards.com and enter the first club you visit. Once you’ve checked your points for that club, simply enter the name of the second club you use often and check how your points are accruing there, and so on for all the clubs you use regularly in the network. Visiting the club sites is fun because you can find the special offers that appeal to you. Check frequently because new offers will become available every month.
Each club selects the rewards they offer their members and the number of reward points required to redeem them. Local businesses can be involved in the program too so visit atfrewards.com.au regularly to check-out the latest offers at your home club.

*See terms and conditions for details

To collect your rewards simply visit your club during staffed hours.


If your problem is related to a reward please contact your club directly. If you have a technical problem with this website please email the help desk here.
Visit your nearest club and talk to the team about the offers you would like to include in the ATF Rewards program.