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Every time a member visits your gym, they receive a ‘visit point’. Visit points accumulate until they are equivalent to a reward offered and the rest is up to you!

You have the power to decide how many visit points members require to receive any given prize. Get creative! Rewards could include free PT sessions, merchandise, special offers from local businesses or passes to local events.

Introducing a loyalty program allows you to collect valuable customer data so you can identify key information and segment your members. Continuing to learn more about your members will help you tailor your program to their preferences to continually increase engagement.

Member retention:

The key to membership retention is to give back. ATF Rewards does exactly that by giving your members another reason to keep visiting your gym. Remember, it costs less to maintain members than it does to acquire new ones!

Learn about your members:

Learn who your most loyal customers are and keep a track of their visits. Identify members who need a bit of encouragement and assist their goal setting. Helping members set their goals is important, particularly at the early stages of membership.

Increase communication:

Not only are your members rewarded with freebies, ATF Rewards gives you another reason for member interaction. Increasing communication and thanking them for visits is a great way to keep them thinking of you.

Increase merchandise turnover:

ATF Rewards is an opportunity to get slow-moving items off your shelves by providing ‘deals’ in exchange for member points. Moving old stock provides opportunity to replace it with the latest merchandise, which increases your secondary revenue potential.

First Club

  • Customer support
  • Customised rewards
  • Increased retention

Additional Clubs

  • Customer support
  • Customised rewards
  • Increased retention
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